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Affordable Quality Care For Veterans & Seniors

Sarah Jones Assisted Living provides access to a wide variety of health care, activities of daily living (ADLS) and assisted living services.

Our vibrant community environment supports an active and independent lifestyle.

Though we specialize in veteran services and advocation, we are open to civilians and accommodate all seniors.

The Sarah Jane Jane Assisted Living community provides affordable quality care and reflects our family-centered philosophy and holistic approach towards veteran and elderly care.

Welcome to Downtown!

Downtown Las Vegas is full of life! Sarah Jane Assisted Living is an ALL NEW resort-like residential community nestled in the heart of historic downtown Las Vegas.

Our centralized location allows us to offer a plethora of entertainment and activities within walking distance, along with quality residential care.

We are the preferred ultimate destination for seniors and veterans who want affordable quality care, require assistance with daily living and yet would like to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Our Mission

Our mission is to breathe new life into Assisted Living by providing affordable quality care in a beautiful, comfortable and holistic environment.

We aim to create an extension of our residents previous home lives by furnishing our facility with all of the expected amenities of home and beyond.

Our family centered-approach to elder and veteran care promotes our residents’ independence, mental and physical well-being, and physical activity.

With our emphasis on wellness, our residents can continue to thrive and enjoy life knowing their privacy, dignity and happiness are valued above all else.

We grade ourselves on our performance and achievements not by our promises.

We proudly seek out new opportunities for delivering optimal services and continue to work efficiently and effectively towards the positive verdure of all members of our community.

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Office: 702-333-4100
Fax: 702-333-4517
Janae Cobb
Director of Marketing
Direct Line: 702-768-4242

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Sara Jane Assisted Living, Las Vegas

Welcome to Downtown!

Sarah Jane Assisted Living in Las Vegas is located along historical Fremont Street, just steps away from delicious restaurants, shopping and casinos.